About Us

Enchanted Home Pet

For those who insist on only the best for their pet.

Born from the determination to develop the highest quality and most innovative products, Enchanted Home Pet’s attention to detail, design and functionality is unmatched by any pet products anywhere.

Based on the functionalist approach to architecture and design, everything we create embodies the idea that
‘form follows function’.

From our new PetTherapeutics™ Pet Comfort System that allows you to enhance the comfort of your pet’s bed with interchangeable layers, to our pet Storage Solutions, our top priority is designing and manufacturing products with both exquisite style and a high degree of functionality.

Our company specializes in offering aesthetically pleasing and functional products that help you organize your home. We take great care in the design and manufacturing process in order to deliver only products of superior quality.

Creative Organization® promotes our products under eight of our best known brands, which include: Enchanted Home™, Enchanted Home™ Pet, Sustainable Cedar Products™, Eco-Friendly Products, Auto Interiors, Destination Organization™, Stream Clean and Brew Pad™.

Through our emphasis on performance functionality, coupled with unique applications and superior design, Creative Organization® has energized the marketplace in which we thrive, offering a fresh approach and an invigorated aesthetic functionality.